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Meet The Founder

My mission is to help you discover how to prioritize your way to rock-star levels of productivity.

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Meet The Founder

Helping others runs in Tarra Stubbins’ blood.


She has been a personal assistant for over 20 years and still loves every moment of it.


Tarra is often quoted saying that she has been put on this planet for one reason, and that is to help others succeed.    


After ten years on the road supporting touring musicians and entertainers, Tarra created Take It Easy Personal Concierge Inc. in 2007. Tarra took the skills she learned out on the road and puts them to use helping her clients eliminate their To-Do lists on a daily basis.  


Tarra is extremely passionate about time management and delegation techniques.


Very early on in her career, she noticed that the celebrities she supported all had specifically detailed delegation and time management systems. She learned that these skills were exactly what helped the stars stand out from the crowd and become a huge success. 


She teaches individuals and organizations how to better use the 24 hours they have been given daily, to be more successful and less stressed, through keynote speeches and coaching sessions.


Tarra leaves her audiences and clients with the inspiration they need to take action and become rock stars of their own careers. 


Tarra is a respected media spokesperson and keynote speaker. She has been showcased on many top tier media outlets.  Tarra has shared her sought after keynote address with entrepreneurial and corporate audiences across Canada. 


Tarra is a graduate of the Film and Television Production Program at Humber College and holds a Bachelor of Communications in Media Arts from the University of Western Sydney in Australia.

Meet The Team

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Kate Eyers

Having spent the last decade supporting CEO’s, President’s and other C-Suite Executives, and all of their visions of success, Kate comes with a vast knowledge on what makes a company a good place to work. With exceptional attention to detail, and a creative mindset, she has helped support initiatives that have been incredibly impactful to both employees and employers. 


Having worked in both the not-for-profit and the tech industry, Kate knows that every company has unique challenges. With her individualized approach to these challenges, you can expect  a smooth and successful solution every time. 


Whether you are looking for some help with administration needs, or planning events or experiences, Kate is the person you want on your team.  

Fun Fact About Kate:  She used to help run an independent record label.

Jenn utilizes her years of experience with planning and organizing life, entrepreneurial endeavours, and the workforce to help you keep your schedules organized! She knows firsthand how busy life can be, especially while running a business, and how to support all your needs on the administrative back end.


One of Jenn's favourite quotes is "Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence." By helping her own clients she gets the privilege to help bring executive assistant leadership to them in many different ways.

Fun Fact about Jenn: She lived in Nicaragua with her family for a year and raised her kids in the jungle, surf + sand!

Jenn Powell

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