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Fractional Executive Assistant

Your one and only Fractional EA service; helping Series A and Series B companies scale for success.

The meetings, the contracts, the R&D, the acquiring of funds…  It all eats away at your very limited minutes of the day... and you. 

But it doesn’t have to. 

A Fractional EA is the solution that gives you the benefits of an executive assistant and virtual assistant...without the same deep financial commitment of an EA and the chaos of hourly bookings of a VA. 


I am shattering both the virtual/executive assistant models with the Fractional EA.

Stop counting hours (if you’re lucky enough to even know how many you need).

This is the solution that every startup/tech company needs. 

The Fractional EA gives you the benefits of an EA without the 40hr/week commitment, without the disjointed benefits of an ill-fit VA. 

Stop dumping tasks on people who don’t know how to get them done because they are, in fact, not EAs.

DSC05534 edited.jpg

Stop spinning your wheels trying to get it all done yourself.

  • Calendar Management

  • Inbox Management

  • Chief of Staff

  • Executive Team Management

  • Research

  • Travel Planning

  • Personal Tasks

  • Event Management

  • Project Management

  • And so much more! 

And organization, strategy, and execution of the tasks that take you way longer than they should. 

So you can FINALLY live (and work) like a ROCKSTAR!

Utilizing my Fractional EA model, you get access to a full-on EA...on retainer...all of the benefits with less of the financial commitment.


So, all the crap you’re busy turning circles to get done? Becomes mine. And you get to live like a ROCKSTAR, while growing your company. 


Nothing feels better than delegating to a laser-focused, result-oriented team member who has your back while you do the things only YOU do BEST. 


Say goodbye to mismanaged time.  

Goodbye to doing the adulting stuff you hate doing anyway.

No more putting things off.  No more allowing your energy to be drained. 


No more feeling like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your own.


And the Fractional EA is the solution you and your company need to help make you more efficient...and profitable. 

I used to create schedules for famous rock stars, now I am helping you become the rock stars of their own lives!

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